The concept of the Original Jimmy Jig is a new saw fence technology. Certainly not a Beisemeyer clone! nor is it a Dolly! (baa). But it stands out in the crowd and has the simple answer for the table saw's short comings because this technology is the only concept that has the rip fence as an integral part of the platform which simply makes more sense. This concept will simplify the handling and cutting of sheet material, at the same time eliminates the need for these large and permanently mounted side and out feed tables. It will retrofit any table saw large or small and with many other cutting tools, like a router, attached to a spare insert and placed inside the aperture for your router operations , it doubles as a router table, it also has a unique splitter that is 4 ins long. On the fence up front of the blade the automatic hold-down and hold-in will adjust automatically to changes in material width and height up to 8ins in width and 4 ins in height.
   Manufacturers of  table saws insist that safety does NOT SELL , then why in North America does table saw accidents exceed 38.000 yearly let alone the world, many requiring hospitalisation, there must be a togetherness with respect to their inability to make the worlds most popular woodworking machine much safer to operate, nothing has changed too much since its inception. macduff has been trying exceptionally hard to enlighten all concerned about the inadequate safety devices that are supposed to prevent kickback, but to no avail, simply put the Jimmy Jig concept answers the table saw's short comings in more ways than one which will allow the operator to lessen the danger of loosing fingers and more to this very popular woodworking machine, but still potentially the most dangerous to operate. The concept looked at this danger, the resulting innovation concluding with many improvements to the Jimmy jig concept, the simple solution. Have you still got all your fingers, if yes then you'll want to keep them there. how many kick-backs have you encountered ? painful and dangerous, or just lucky so far. No it can't happen to me,  38.000 to 1 in North America, let alone the World , can we count you out???? See demonstration videos in  simply search seumas2 then click on seumas2 channels  63 in all,  5 minutes duration each, covering all operations and safety in great detail. With the Jimmy Jig concept installed on your existing table saw, your will never require or need a 60lb.T-SQUARE FENCE system with large and permanently mounted out feed and side tables. The Jimmy Jig is light and portable, in the shop and on site. This is the result of a spinning blade with not guard in place certainly graphic, the mind set of many woodworkers It can't and won't happen, but it can happen

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